Stage Number (cabaret or events)

Sweet salty. Hand to hand

Number drawn by the homonymous company's performance,

Two bakers and divergences in the kitchen, knead flour and acrobatics for a dish that will leave you speechless. For audiences of all ages.

Duration: 8 min

Thematic workshops: hand to hand, juggling, unicycle and chinese pole

Intensive classes to get close and/or to develop these wonderful arts.

Circus for Youth&Children

Multidisciplinary circus courses for children or adolescents (aged 7 years), in a fun way to get closer to the world of the circus.
Personal growth, fun, body-consciousness, self-esteem, attention, coordination, teamwork and ludic-learning are at the center of these courses.
Circusmotricity classes for children of 5-7 years.
Luca and Ina count a great experience in the ludic-educational circus and circus in social exclusion contexts, Both graduates in Education Sciences with a dissertation concerning the Social Circus, Luca graduated in Brussels at the "Pedagogical Formation in circus arts" and Ina has over 6 years of circus teacher in the ass. Animativa Merano.

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